Is it real?

I discovered that i have a depersonalization which is a mental disorder it wasn't chocking for me i have always sensed that there's something wrong with me i haven't told anybody yet i don't want them to look at me like I'm the crazy girl...
Having this disorder drives me to pure insanity it's the question in my head saying is it real?

God's Love healed me miraculously.

i was a homosexual since age 13, not knowing it was a sin! at age 29, i suffered from severe schizophrenia. a voice of God spoke in my heart that i had commited a sin of homosexuality, i was shocked & couldnt repent, as i believed to be condemned! after 10 years with the sickness, a voice of God spoke in my Pastor's heart to come & pray for me. when he told that, i realized God loved me, i managed to repent. iam set free from homosexuality, fear, shame, guilt, anger, anxiety, unforgiveness & jurging others.

Wow really amazing experience

Wow really amazing experience you had. I too have some what same experience in my life too, when I was young I was suffering from Tuberculosis disease that time FROM GOD'S BLESSING I SAVED MY LIFE BACK. And after that I never forget to pray on time.

Be free: I'll fly beside you

I love hearing my name around or seeing it in a magazine: Fame means existence to me. Nineteen years into my life and now is the time I realize it. If there is something that you subconsciously want and you aren’t aware of what it is, you have this irritable feeling; not achieving your goal causes makes you increasingly prickly till you harm someone. I know people who have that right now. I had it.

Boring sermons

I am tired of listening to the same topics in sermons. It is very seldom that I hear anything new. Yes, God uses it to talk to me sometimes. However, almighty God does not need a sermon to talk to me. There has to be something more ... ?? Maybe spiritual... ??

Mixed Emotions

When you feel so down, upset and stressed out... But you don't know the reason behind it... When you ask yourself so much questions that you wonder where would you find the right answers to... Questions that wonder all over the place... Answers that are sometimes right in front of you, but you attempt to not notice them... Why ? Because your afraid, live in fear of what the answers might be, too much you expected you don't want disappointment... Then don't wish for too much and your guaranteed no disappointment... Disappointment is good at times, why? Makes you strive for success...

Are we really failing or are

Are we really failing or are we gaining. Failing is to realise that we are not alone, that we need something or someone. The ultimate success in life is to love and to be loved. You therefore gain Love, which is gaining God. To be embraced with Love softens the blow of failing, makes it easier to try again or to take the right decision. Sometimes a better alternative is just around the next corner. In the end to embrace Love and to be embraced by Love is all we need.

Almighty love!

How awesome is God! There are no words to describe Him! The only word that could come close to describing God is Love! He himself is love! When you are in love, you want to be as close to the other person as possible. God the source of love is no different! He wants to be with you every second of the day! And as you could expect from almighty God, He creates the perfect setting to get as close to you as possible! He is in you and you in Him! He is one with you! Now is that love or is it LOOO…VEEE….! Just talk to Him. He wants you to love Him too!

Existence Of God

Before starting about my experience, I want to tell something about me. I am a girl having deep faith in God. I believe in Him. I am very grateful what I have. but I also had a hard time. and I began to lose the faith in Him. Remembering about that experience, I was on the way. I was travelling through bus.And I was in deep thinking. I sat on window seat. I was thinking about every thing happened in my life. Those thoughts brought me in more deep thinking.You can say that I was depressed so much.

first encounter

i didn't know what happened too me i was very young maybe 5 don't think i new jesus then something bad happened i was going to the clouds there was a bright light i heard a voice to the left at first it was a whisper then the clouds opened up and there was jesus a feeling of which i felt peace joy he talked to me i ask him somethings as flew higher
to his father and was taken in then sent back tho earth about before i hit the street i also seen the man of fire he said something then vanishe.i would like too share with people

Financial & Love

Hello, my name is Maria Angelina Ramos a single mom for several years it started in 2005, My life quickly change as my kids father went to prison for seven years & I was left to handle everything, my house & my three daughters, as years passed things got worse I had to get a second job to support my family as well as my house, I try so hard to provide for my children as I struggle as years passed I felt behind on my mortgage I tried to refinance but couldnt do it, I try selling it but market was not good, I started to work so much I didnt really spend time with my children time pass

I wish u all the best though

I wish u all the best though I know it's hard to handle all these obstacles but I'm persuaded that one day everyhing is gonna be alright, I'm impressed by your being optimistic.. God bless you

God always has a reason for

God always has a reason for every activity that happens in our lives. Things can get from bad to worse but with time every situation eventually goes away. keep your faith in God and he will prosper you. stay blessed

God spoke to me through my thoughts

The last 30 months has been really tough. Just about everything I tried or was thinking of trying, failed. For the first time I felt really down and just lost all motivation to carry on. I have been relying on God all along to keep me afloat and His grace has been enough. This time even God’s grace did not refresh my soul. I asked God: “How is this possible? Why am I feeling this way? Why am I struggling?” Then a thought popped into my mind: “Read the Bible”. I was not sure if it was my own thoughts or maybe…

I have read many comments on

I have read many comments on this subject and this one is the most similar to my experience. At first I was receiving emails from three different spiritual guidance websites. One was actually in my spam and the other two, I actually deleted several times, wondering why I was receiving them. I eventually opened one and scrolled thru it looking for the unsubscribe link ..that's when I saw the link that said I was receiving it because I had subscribed to it. I had no memory of doing that, so I proceeded to check the other two, including the one in my spam box. Well I was following link after link reading scripture, prayers and stories. Later I started hearing a voice in my head that I knew was not mine. I thought I was losing my mind. The rest of my story is identical to your last paragraph.

dear i don’t know if you are

dear i don’t know if you are a woman or a man but i would like to tell you that what was happening is that you might have been not religious with god as he wants, you should pray for him every day not by words but by actions maybe help poor people listen to others then give your comments believe that the devil is afraid by us humans for we have the power to knock him down by our actions, by him seeing that were not afraid from anything but god he’ll see his self-small in the peoples life’s that they don’t care about him, shore he will try to whisper to you negative things to do but try to defeat him cause when you do he will run away for he is nothing, god forbid him from heaven, threw him in hell, then in earth, he thought that he would play on the people, i would be a leader he said to himself " if i whisper beneath them ill make my slaves in hell ”